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PT's All Nude

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3480 South Galena Street.
Denver, CO 80231

PT's All Nude Reviews

4 Reviews of PT's All Nude

Jafey A. ( Englewood, CO )

Reviewed On: 7/13/2014
Rating: 3/5

This place has really improved over the past couple years.  The last time I was here, the place was filled with dancers that didn't have any work ethics and hated being there.  Last night I was there and I would say ten out of the fifteen girls, put on a good stage show, respected that a fully nude show should be given, and generally seemed to enjoy their job.  10/15 isn't good really, but it's truly a great improvement here.
The bit of deception that bothered me though was the fact that outside the Rockies game there was a billboard on a truck that specifically said that at this location the stub was worth $5 off, when we got there, the door man said it only works downtown and he couldn't honor it.  That seemed to be a dishonest way of bringing people in.


Mengyang L. ( Capitol Hill, Denver, CO )

Reviewed On: 9/12/2013
Rating: 1/5

NEVER go to this place, I feel really bad there, it's a waste of time and money. I can't find another club worse than it


Carl Z. ( Aurora, CO )

Reviewed On: 5/21/2013
Rating: 5/5

Friendly Staff and Hot girls.  A little expensive, but it's a strip club so that's to be expected.


Cobra K. ( Singapore, Singapore )

Reviewed On: 11/5/2011
Rating: 4/5

One of the best clubs in Denver for mileage.