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Ladies En Confidente

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5921 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

Ladies En Confidente Reviews

9 Reviews of Ladies En Confidente

Michael G. ( Aurora, CO )

Reviewed On: 3/29/2014
Rating: 4/5

I have been here a few times over the years and absolutely love it. There are two models at LEC who have been especially wonderful to me: Daisy and Rene. Not only are they beautiful, but they are so kind, comforting, and amazing at what they do. I choose to go to LEC because I have a couple of fetishes that I cannot normally ask of women I casually date or meet at a bar on any given night. So, if I have that "itch", I know I can go to LEC. Daisy and Rene are the best at making these fantasies happen. They have fun, they smile, and they listen. They let me be me. And they are both so much fun!

Here are the highlights of these two models... DAISY: She is a classically beautiful woman with a gorgeous voice and seductive face. I think she could wear a pantsuit and I would still be gaga for her looks. RENE: If you are into the "darker" things in life, Rene may be a goddess to you. She has a youthful, spunky look to her but she is delightfully dark. If you are a "leg guy", see Rene. You should also see Rene if you like a great sense of humor.

NEGATIVES: Just so you know I'm not kissing LEC's ass, here are the negatives: 1) This place is relatively pricey, given a normal strip club budget: $100 for a 1/2 hour session for one woman and no alcohol. 2) The place is located in the middle of trucker central, given how close it is to I-25 and I-70. Please try not to get run over by trucks...they are everywhere!  

Anyway, I highly recommend LEC to any of you that are annoyed with the normal strip club garbage. Hell, I haven't been to a traditional strip club since going here, minus friends' bachelor parties. If you want to live out a fantasy, explore a fetish, or even get a dance without 200 other dudes staring on, check this place out. I've been going since late 2006/early 2007 and am still going in 2014. I think that says a lot. Cheers.


James S. ( Northglenn, CO )

Reviewed On: 5/27/2012
Rating: 2/5

I like young, intelligent, slim brunettes that don't make me feel like I'm a walking wallet. Most the girls in this club are older, thicker girls unable to maintain an intelligent conversation for more then a minute. I am not all about the sexual vibes, so I need a girl who is able to just talk and relax with me, not a girl who is wasted and annoying. I have noticed that of the few girls I did shows with, I've seen Breah, Lana, Amelia, Sugar, Stephany, and Macy. Every girl I saw besides Lana and Breah were wasted. Granted I come during the late hours and understand wanted to have a few drinks but being sloppy drink is not good for business. Seems as though the owners just don't care how the club or girls are. I really enjoyed my show with Lana and my show with Breah but Lana is more my style. I called to see when these two are working together, wanted a two girl show with them , but I was informed she no longer works there. Sad, I probably won't be back again unless she's back. I give this place 2 stars only because I am able to bring my own drinks and smoke some green with the girls


David L. ( Denver, CO )

Reviewed On: 2/3/2012
Rating: 2/5

I've now gone here & Dream house Much hotter chicks at dream house


Jack B. ( Denver, CO )

Reviewed On: 9/12/2011
Rating: 5/5

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Justin B. ( Denver, CO )

Reviewed On: 9/9/2011
Rating: 5/5

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James s. ( Colorado Springs, CO )

Reviewed On: 8/21/2011
Rating: 5/5

I go to this club very regularly and I see most of the girls on a pretty regular basis.   they are all very sweet and eager to make my night the best it can be.  I love that it is just me and the dancer (dancers) of my choice in the room.. no huge bounce checking in on us, no other drunk costmers wandering around..  Sometimes I will do a show with 2 or more of them at a time.. when i'm feeling really "needy" hehe..  I think this is the best strip club in town.  Check it out!!!


L K. ( Colorado Springs, CO )

Reviewed On: 7/19/2011
Rating: 5/5

This club was absolutely amazing!  I went for the 1st time last week.  The club doesnt serve any drinks, but i was invited to bring my own!   Nothing better than being treated to a  private strip tease and body rub to the xm station of my choice..  I did 2 hours, one with Brea and one with Lydia... they were both wonderful.. next time i plan to do a 2 girl show with them both and let then spoil me rotten!!!!!!!!


Ray K. ( Henderson, CO )

Reviewed On: 5/14/2010
Rating: 5/5

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Ray K. ( Henderson, CO )

Reviewed On: 11/24/2009
Rating: 5/5

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