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Fabulous TNTs

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4630 Auston Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Fabulous TNTs Reviews

6 Reviews of Fabulous TNTs

Jafey A. ( Englewood, CO )

Reviewed On: 6/15/2014
Rating: 4/5

Nice place, inexpensive drinks, and I really liked the atmosphere.  This place  is worth giving a shot.


Madonia Y. ( Fillmore, San Francisco, CA )

Reviewed On: 3/30/2014
Rating: 1/5

Terrible.  Went there for a birthday party.  $8 cover, $5.75 for a sprite ...and even that wouldn't have been so bad if they had decent looking girls..  Highly recommend making the drive to Denver instead, the gas money is worth it.


David I. ( Colorado Springs, CO )

Reviewed On: 2/3/2014
Rating: 3/5

The cover was 10 unless your military than its free which in my book that's a plus and even if I had to pay 10 that's not bad .

Yes the have beer and liquor here prices are about 5.75 to 7 but the beer mugs are worth it or a pitcher I think for 10. Best prices for drinks in town by far.

The girls over all nice selection I have been here a good 5 times and can't say I can complain they go from hot to decent not a bunch of ugly girls and 1 hot one no I must say they are consistent with the girl quality.

Lap dances this is where they fall off they are cheap but they ARE NOT LAP DANCES I mean they are not lap dances. They can't even sit on your lap they take the don't touch to a whole other level. It's 10 for a topless and 30 for a full nude I tried both with some hot chicks but i still regretted it because they wore by far the worse. First I tried the topples they girl just kinda danced 3 inches from me never got closer. The full nude was the same she was just fully nude and it was 30 instead.

They also have a pool table so it's a great place to hang out for a guys night out beats your typical bar.

Over all two stages nice lay out good drinks just sorry lap dances


Cobra K. ( Singapore, Singapore )

Reviewed On: 9/23/2012
Rating: 2/5

I hate it when three fat girls are dancing in a row...thats nine freaking songs of staring aimlessly into my beer mug.


Craig R. ( Chicago, IL )

Reviewed On: 8/6/2012
Rating: 1/5

Itty Bitty Titty Committee.......Went there for the first time little hesitant as no one around could give an honest option of any of the titty bars.

Has a decent area but only one main stage the other is in the back and wouldn't know it if you weren't looking.  

Entry is pretty decent I think was $5 to get in.

Skinny no boobs, some tattoos and some have some beer bellies. Maybe 2 out of the 10 that were around when we were there had more than a C cup.  At  least they were a little laid back and no pressure.  I have to give it to some that try to at least talk to you others don't for sure.

10 topless table in the back  NO TOUCH , and $30 in VIP  (didn't experience)

SEATING:  not bad, the reserved area was pretty small

$6 beers is a bit much

In all for the 1st Titty Bar in Colorado Springs I'm not too impressed.  They have a decent setup but are definitely not using it to their best potential.


Shawn J. ( Calhan, CO )

Reviewed On: 7/30/2010
Rating: 5/5

Super fly best club in town